About Us

About the group

Objectives of the group

To further the study of the physical and biological interests of Poole Harbour, by:

  • Maintaining a database and archive of studies of Poole Harbour;
  • Undertaking and encouraging further Harbour studies;
  • Acting as a centre for advice and information on the harbour;
  • Publishing studies and holding seminars and conferences;
  • Maintaining close links with the Dorset Environmental records Centre and other bodies with an interest in the harbour.


Members of the Study Group have interests in birds, marine life, plants and vegetation communities, nutrient cycles, erosion and sedimentation and history of the Harbour. The PHSG is not affiliated to any statutory, commercial or charitable organisation. PHSG members are private individuals and from universities, RSPB, English Nature, Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency.

The group acts to centralise and encourage the dissemination of knowledge about the Harbour. but remains neutral about planning and other issues involving Poole Harbour.

In delivering these roles the PHSG remains objective, dispassionate and outside the political arena through which decisions must be made on the uses of the Harbour or restrictions on uses. The PHSG is not a pressure group and does not seek particular aims relating to conservation or development. Rather it seeks to encourage objective study and contribute to the usefulness and accessibility of the knowledge which can inform such decisions.